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Enjoy our high protein shake recipes for homemade shakes, bars & snacks to save you money!

Learn How to Make Protein a Part of Your Life with the Best Protein Shakes!

Use the Best Protein Supplements for Creative Homemade Shakes & Bars

Here you will find recipes for high protein shakes, bars, and other high protein diet snacks to help you achieve your bodybuilding and protein diet goals. Use them to gain muscle mass or lose weight. Recipes use commercial whey powders. There are also cheap recipe ideas using everyday supermarket items without adding protein supplements - try these ideas to gain muscle mass and lose fat on a discount!

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Nutrition, Fitness and Bodybuilding Articles

I have created a bodybuilding and nutrition articles section for the site where I will post articles I write (when I have time of course). I will also post anyone's article for a low fee (providing the subject is related and I think it fits this site's nature). You can submit your articles for free here now!

Latest Article:

Create Homemade 'discount' Bodybuilding drinks and Protein Diet Snacks with Protein Powder Products

You can use these ideas with your favorite whey protein powder, or some of the shake recipes allow you to substitute whey protein powders with cheap supermarket alternatives to produce your own ultimate discount bodybuilding supplements.

All of these bodybuilding supplement recipes are free. PLEASE send me feedback on what you have discovered, recipes you would like to recommend, and other shake, bar and snack ideas.

Some Recent Additions:

Bodybuilder Singapore

Homemade Protein Bars

I have a few homemade protein bar recipes but need more. Until recently I only had one bar recipe but thanks to some kind people I now have a few more! If you have a favorite recipe (with or without using protein supplements), please submit it now and I'll be most grateful. As the site grows, you will have more options for cheap protein bars. These can be your homemade alternative to commercial protein bars and more expensive steroids.

*NEW* - Nutrition Information of Ingredients

I am working on a reference table of nutritional values for each ingredient used in shake, bar and snack recipes on this site (excluding protein supplements as they vary from brand to brand). It's a work in progress and will be updated as required. I decided to use to compile the data. Take a look at the nutrition reference table. (Thanks to badER over at the MuscleTalk forums for the suggestions.)

*NEW* - Supplement Reviews

I'm starting to work on some reviews for popular bodybuilding supplements. The idea is that maybe these reviews will help you decide on how they might work with your shake recipes or diet. Please submit a review of your favorite (or least favorite) commercially available powder, bar, shake, or whatever, just contact me - I'd be very grateful.
> reviews of popular bodybuilding supplements



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